Name Guessing Game
A group game for handheld devices
with user-generated content

This is an electronic version of the classic team-based party game. Names of people well-known to the group (many or all entered by the players themselves) are guessed by teammates who take turns at giving clues during timed rounds.
A minimum of 4 players is required. Teams take turns. Each person on the team takes a turn as clue giver each new round. The old-school version simply has names on slips of paper pulled out of a "hat". There are several advantages to doing this electronically. First, names can be stored and shared across player groups. Second, cheating can be reduced. Third, features such as "wager mode" can be implemented; and many more... The game is free and will depend on handhelds with a web browser with javascript capabilities (i.e. tablet, itouch, ipad, phones).